Network Infrastructure

Provide your tenants with the fastest speed WiFi and Wired Internet service available.

  • Wi-Fi covering 100% of each apartment and all the common areas of the property inclusive of outside common areas, pool etc.
  • Guaranteed speeds of up to 1 Gigabit or 100X the speed of Cable Modems
  • High speed internet access delivered over property wired infrastructure at 1 Gig guaranteed
  • Fully secure, robust and proactively managed and monitored 24X7
  • 24X7 800 number help desk support
  • Access to CommHub proprietary OTT and media convergence applications that are branded to the property – Launching Q4 2014
  • Smartphone voice service in and around the property - This app does away with the owners need to deploy DAS and or cellular repeater systems where cell services are spotty and or non existent

Value Proposition

  • Meaningful and Compelling Differentiator Between your property and the Competition
  • No up front capital expenditure
  • Substantial monthly recurring revenue stream is created where none existed before
  • We provide an unheard of 1 Gigabit access to each and every unit
  • 24X7 Management and Monitoring with Help Desk Support [800 number]
  • Local teams for installation and ongoing maintenance of all services
  • Property specific branded web portal

Mixed Use | Small Business

Your High Speed On-Ramp to the Cloud

Next-generation Wi-Fi can be a challenge—a product upgrade with limited gains—or an opportunity to enhance business productivity.

CommHub and its Partners have optimized 802.11 technologies built on solid wireless fundamentals, thoughtful radio design, smart antenna systems, and dynamic RF adaptation.

Our WIRuckus™ technologies focus in the right direction by making your 802.11ac installation or upgrade worthwhile; we optimize connections, maximize capacity, and reduce cost at the same time.

802.11ac will come to market in phases. Though first-generation products offer some improvements over 802.11n, second-generation products promise true distinction.